About me: I’m currently working in auditory neuroscience, at a basic science level. I do not have an advanced degree, and don’t currently plan on pursuing one; I’m content to let my labwork be my day-job rather than an all-consuming career. But as I hope will be apparent, I love science, I love learning, and I love seeing that joy of discovery in others.

About this blog: This will be a place for me to articulate thoughts, especially about science, the scientific process, science journalism, and anything else I find interesting to write about. I plan on leaving comments open, and I do not mind respectfully-worded differences of opinions and criticisms. However, I won’t hesitate to wield the mighty ban-hammer if I feel it necessary, nor will I hesitate to remove comments I find trollish, flame-ish, or otherwise obnoxious. Make no mistake, this is not free speech, this is my blog. So my rules apply.


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